7 advantages to choose Japan-Wireless

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  1, Cheapest Price
We believe our prices are the BEST in all WiFi rental companies.

It is a definitely a huge advantage for you.
Please save your money, and spend them just for enjoying your trip.


2, Free portable battery charger

Don't you worried about your battery of your mobile wifi device?
If you are intended to use mobile wifi device for a whole day continuously, the battery will be run out.

For just in that case, we provide you portable battery charger, which you can charge your device anywhere.
Some companies offer you too, but they charge you. We offer them for FREE!

3,Fast Delivery
Our shipping is very fast!
We ship out immediately and it takes only one day to be delivered at most hotesl in Japan!
Even if your trip is coming soon, don't worry and just place an order now.


4, No cancellation charge
Some company bill you high cancellation charge right after you make reservation.
Furthermore, they usually charge 100% after you make payment.

We have no cancellation charge untill shippment.
After shippment of your device (almost 3days ahead of your pick-up date), you will be charged only 1,000 yen for actual shipping cost.
We refund you via Paypal, (you can claim to Paypal if you couldn't get refund, don't worry)

Fell free to reserve your device now!

5, No hidden charge

Some companies offer you a great price, but they usually charge you in seacret like "administrative fee" or "tax"!

Even though our rates are the best, we charge only "rental rates" and "shipping fee(500yen)" only.
Tax are also included. There is no hidden charge!!

6, Full English Support

We have Full English Support.
and always trying to respond you as quickly as possible, even though it is midnight or early in the morning.
We try to do our best for express deliverly or substitution for just in case of their malfunction.


7, Our Credibility

Some websites privede almost same service as individual person.
They provide flexible service, but you should know that they have no resposibility for their business
(and it's hard to know even who he/she is in just in trouble). It is really dangerous.

We are the company aimed to support foreign tourist, and have much experience in that field.
The quality of our all services are guaranteed. See about us

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