How to be connected in Japan


Wifi spot in Japan


There are some WiFi spots in cafe or restaurants in Japan.
But they are usually NOT FREE in Japan.
For connecting, you need to register and make payment in Japanese language.
And these wifi spot services are operated by many different providers in Japan.
There are only two companies provide free Wi-Fi spot that are McDonald’s and Starbucks.

However, it’s not a clever option for traveller from abroad.

Internet accessing service at Hotel


Almost all hotels in Japan provide Internet access service,
but their fees are extreamly expensive.
There are some examples blows.

 Hotels Internet access fee   Wireless
Hotel New Otani Tokyo 1,260JPY/day  
Royal Park Hotel 1,260JPY/day  
Conrad Tokyo 1,500JPY/day   Yes
Inter Continental ANA Hotel 1,575JPY/day   
Prince Hotel Tokyo 1,575JPY/day   
Hilton Tokyo 1,680JPY/day  Yes
The Westin Tokyo 1,800JPY/day  Yes
Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo 1,995JPY/day  Yes

International data roaming service

If your mobile carrier provides international data roaming service, you can use your iPhone or Android phone.
But their roaming fees are extreamly expensive. There are some examples blows.
What you do  Verison
Sending text message  0.50US$ 0.50US$ 0.75AU$ 0.30SG$ 0.75CA$
Sending one pic (1MB)  19.95US$ 20.00US$ 21.00AU$ 10.00SG$ 30.00CA$
Checking facebook(500KB) 9.98US$ 10.00US$ 10.50AU$ 5.00SG$ 15.00CA$
Showing Map(300KB) 5.85US$ 6.00US$ 6.30AU$ 3.00SG$ 9.00CA$
Talking by Skype (10mins) 97.5US$ 100US$ 105AU$  50SG$ 150CA$
*Singtel needs 8SG$/month for global data roaming

As these example shows, you can't use your iPhone or PC freely.

Renting Mobile Wi-Fi(Mifi) devices

Here is another choice, renting Mobile Wi-Fi(Mifi) device.

You don't need complicated settings, only switch on power and enter password. Then you can enjoy Internet with Unlimited data usage, High Speed and Wide coverage area(100% in Japan).
Moreover, you can also share Wifi signals with up to 10 friends! If you split the cost, it's really reasonable choice.

With Mobile Wi-Fi, you can post your photos on Facebook and Twitter anytime and anywhere.
Share your great experience with your friends in your country by renting them.

Honestly speaking, we strongly recommend you to rent Mobile Wi-Fi devices in Japan.

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