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7 advantages for customers to choose Japan Wireless


Truely Unlimited data usage

Our Premium and Business Wi-Fi offers truely Unlimited data usage.

No worries about speed restrictions!


Cheapest price

We believe our prices are the BEST in all Wi-Fi rental companies.

It is a definitely a huge advantage for you.

Please save your money, and spend them just for enjoying your trip.


Free Extra Battery

We offer you an extra battery which you can lengthen the battery drive time. Some services offer you too but we offer you FOR FREE!”


One-day shipping

“We accept “”Last minutes order”” and provides “”Need it Tomorrow”” Service in most of areas in Japan.”


No additional or hidden charge

If you want to make a change or cancel* your order, we do not charge you a fee.

(*In the case the items has been shipped out already, we only charge shipping fee of 1,000 yen)


Fast and precise Customer Support

Our Full English customer support can solve any problems quickly and always trying to respond you as soon as possible


Customer Satisfaction 98.4%*

Our Service is supported by our customers from all over the world.

*refers to the customers who submit ‘Satisfied’ in our feedback from 2013 through September,2017.

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