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Wi-Fi Rental

  • Can I use Skype, LINE, Kakao talk, Viber or other VoIPs?

    Yes, you can. You can talk with your friends, family in your country for free as long as you want!
  • Can I make or receive phone calls with Mobile-Wifi?

    No. You can use Mobile Wifi only for data usage. But you can use Skype and other VoIPs for alternative!
  • How is the battery life?

    Mobile WiFi router has a battery life of around 300 hours for standby, or 4-8hours for continuous communication. You can save the battery more for using “automatic wifi switching off system”. We also rent a mobile battery for free! You don’t have to worry about flat battery.
  • I’m a little bit worried about lost and damege for Mobile Wifi router…

    We recommend to take our insurance for damage/ loss of Mobile WiFi device (500yen for 2weeks). With no insurance, compensation charge will be 20,000yen, but with insurance it will be 10,000yen.
  • What’s the Wi-Fi coverage area?

    Please check here for the Y!mobile and au+WiMAX coverage area. Y!mobile 3G
    Y!mobile LTE
  • Can we receive an instruction with the rental Wi-Fi package?

    Yes, we will include an instruction on connecting Internet and solving the malfunction problem. If you have any troubles, please contact our customer service (cs@japan-wireless.com).
  • What does the rental Wi-Fi package include?

    All the package will include mobile Wi-Fi router, AC adapter, USB cable, extra battery, instruction paper, and pouch.
  • Can we extend the rental period?

    Yes, please contact our customer service (cs@japan-wireless.com) for the extension period. We will send you a payment request for the extension fee via E-mail. However, for the extension request after delivery, we will charge additional 500yen for the service and transaction fee.
  • Can we use the mobile Wi-Fi router outside Japan?

    We are sorry that our Wi-Fi routers are only be used inside Japan.
  • Can the mobile Wi-Fi router support the iPhone, iPad, other smartphones and tablets which made by oversea manufacturer?

    Yes, our mobile Wi-Fi routers support all the devices which have Wi-Fi feature.

Prepaid SIM Card

  • Can I use Skype, LINE, Kakao talk, Viber or other VoIPs?

    Yes, you can. You can talk with your friends, family in your country through Skype or other VoIPs. But we recommend you unlimited Mobile-Wifi if youintended to talk long.
  • Can I make or receive phone call with prepaid SIMs?

    No. You can use prepaid SIMs only for data usage. But you can use Skype and other VoIPs for alternative!
  • Is every phone/device accepts your prepaid SIMs?

    Almost yes, as long as your device is SIM free. Please check compatibility In the case your phone didn’t accept SIMs, you can return SIMs for just 500yen shipping fee.
  • Do I need to activate or do something to use a Prepaid SIMs?

    No you don’t need to activate SIMs. Pre-activated SIMs will be sent to you.You only need to do APN settings of your device which you intended to insert SIMs. See how to set APN Instructions of “How to setting” will be also provided with prepaid SIM card.
  • I’m using prepaid SIMs, and how can I know how much I used (how much I stll have)?

    You can’t check how much data traffic you used by Data Traffic checking Apps. Get Apps now from (Android) (iPhone) We also can check it for you. Please email and ask us. This may take a few days(especially weekend).
  • I almost used up 1GB in my prepaid SIM. Can I buy more GB (recharge)?

    We’re afraid but we can’t recharge your prepaid SIM. Please buy another SIM card. We recommned you to order before you used it up or buy 2 SIMs at first order if you intended to use more than 1GB, beacuse we need time to ship them (approx. 2days).
  • Can I buy 2 SIMs and use them one by one (more than 30days)?

    Yes, you can. The 30days valid period beggins when you used the SIM for the first time. You can use one SIM first and keep another SIM unless you use it though it is already activated.
  • Now I’m using your prepaid SIM, and has “NTT Docomo” on the display. But it doesn’t show any signal mark, is it normal?

    Yes, it is normal for data usage. You can use only data usage without problem, don’t worry about it.
  • What is the PIN code for SIMs?

    Initilized PIN code is 0000 for both PIN1 and PIN2, unless you’ve changed it.
  • Which kind of phones can support the prepaid SIM card?

    We support all phones as long as it is SIM unlocked (SIM free) model.
    But please be noticed that some of the following device may support our SIM card. About detail, please contact the manufacturer or the carrier of the phone.

    Country / Region Company Model
    World Wide BlackBerry BlackBerry
    Taiwan HTC HTC butterfly
    HTC HTC One
    Hong Kong HTC HTC butterfly
    HTC HTC One


  • I don’t have enough time to follow order step. Can I order in other ways now?

    Yes, please contact us ASAP. We will do our best to make it. You can also choose express deliverly(500yen) or may be able to use super express deliverly(1000yen) in Tokyo metro area.
  • How many days should I order before pick-up date at least?

    We usually need 3days to process your order and delivery. Please contact us before ordering if your pick-up date is in 3days. You can also choose express deliverly(500yen) or may be able to use super express deliverly(1000yen) in Tokyo metro area.
  • I’m already traveling in Japan, can I order now?

    Sure, you can. Please let us know about your itinerary. We will suggest where to pick-up and send you ASAP.
  • I’m now using Mobile-Wifi and want to extend my rental period. Is it possile?

    Yes. Please contact and tell us how many days you want to extend. Then let us check if it is possible. We will send you a bill after that. The rates will be discounted as you rented straight days.

Price / Make Payment

  • I have to leave earlier than I planed, do I get any refund for the days I don’t use?

    Yes, we can accept the return before your designated return date and will refund the days that you have not use the device.
  • Do I need to have Paypal account for a payment?

    No, you don’t have to have Paypal account. You can just pay by your VISA, Master, AMMEX via Paypal.
  • I want to rent more than 5 monthes, do you have more discounted rate for me?

    Yes, please contact and ask us a new long-term rate. That will be good offer for you.
  • I want to cancel. How can I get refund?

    Please cancel via contact form now. We refund to your credit account via Paypal immediately.


  • What time exactly can I get my ordered goods on pick-up date?

    The goods will be delivered a day before your pick-up date so that you will be able to use them from anytime on your pick-up date.
  • I want to pick-up my Mobile-Wifi/SIM at airport, how can I get it?

    You can just go to the post office and show them voucher and your passport. You can get it in a minute.
  • My flight will be arrive at night, is it possible to get my Mobile WiFi/SIM at airport?

    You should check the business hour of the post office . We strongly recommend you to get your Mobile WiFi or Prepaid SIM at where you will stay, if you are arriving at less than 2 hours to the closing time.
  • By when do I have to return my Mobile-Wifi?

    You have to drop your Mobile WiFi router in the post box, by noon of the next day of the end of rental period. If you are late to return, you will be charged. Please make sure that you can drop it by the time, or extend your rental date in avdance.
  • I want to know whether I can use Express Delivery or Super Express Delivery service.

    You should contact us now, and we’ll answer if you can use these services as quickly as possible.
  • Are you sure that I can drop off my Mobil-Wifi at anywhere in Japan?

    Yes, you can drop your Mobile-Wifi in the post boxes anywhere in Japan.
  • I forgot to return my rental unit, and I have it here in my country. What can I do?

    Please contact us immediately. And send it to address blow by ESM, Fedex, DHL or other faster methods. We’re sorry but have to charge you for delayed period. Wait a new bill and make payment. <>
  • Where can I drop my Mobile-Wifi? Where can I find post boxes?

    You can drop your Mobile-Wifi in post box, or maybe at your hotel. Post boxes are bilt to anywhere in subarb area especially near station. Convenience store “LAWSON” also has post box in the store. Or you can just ask hotel staff to post it. For serching the location of post boxes, use this site .site

Speed Restriction

  • I got your Prepaid SIM, how to set APN of my device?

    The instruction paper “How to set APN” should have been provided with prepaid SIM. Please check the package again. Here is also how to set APN blow. Just open settings of your device and put the information.
    APN umobile.jp
    User umobile@umobile.jp
    Passward  umobile
    Certification type PAP or CHAP *If configurable 
    PDP Type IP *If necessary
  • I got your Mobile-Wifi, how to connect?

    The instruction paper “How to connect” should have been provided with your Mobile-Wifi device. Please check the package again. Here is also how to connect blow.
    Step1 Swich ON the WiFi feature of your device
    Step2 Switch ON Mobile-Wifi
    Step3 Find the signal name shown on the instruction paper (ex, GP02-XXXXXX)
    Step4 Enter WEP key or WPA key hown on the instruction paper


  • My Mobile WiFi is lost or stolen , what should I do?

    Please let us know ASAP. We can also send you new a device if you wish. We hightly recommend you to go to police station and get police report so that your insurance company will pay you for compansasion charge.
  • I couldn’t get my Mobile WiFi & SIM at a post offce in airport, what can I do to get it?

    You should contact us immediatery. We will arrage to transfer it for your another given address. If your flight is scheduled to arrive less than 2 hours to the closing time, we strongly recommend yout to get your Mobile-Wifi/SIM at where you will stay (hotel,office,house). Business hours are


  • (日本語) サービスエリアは、Y!Mobile(旧EMOBILE)、WiMAXやauが公式HPで発表しているエリアと同じですか?

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

  • Why do you offer at lowest price compared to the other companies?

    Our managerial effort made it possible. Some companies or indivisuals provide same business just as a subsidiary industry, but this is speciality for us.
  • I’m going to climb Mt-Fuji, will I still be on line with your Mobile-Wifi?

    I’m afraid not on the top. But you can be on line till the starting point of trail up Mt-Fuji (approx. 2300m altitide).

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