Step1: Click the “Order Now” button

Please fix your rental terms. Your rental terms is defined as below.

For certain shipping, More than 3 days before your pick-up date is recommended.

Step2: Make the Payment

Once the order is submitted, you will receive the link to payment via PayPal.
Your device will only be reserved after completion of the payment.
If your device is not available, we will notice immediately and arrange the full refund.
No cancellation charge before shipping.

Step3: Fly to Japan

Your device will be delivered to the given address or post office in the airport
before the time you arrive.


Step4: Pick up your ordered goods at your hotel (or post office in the airport)
You can choose where to pick-up the ordered gooods.
  Choice1. Front desk at your hotel  
  We can send your ordered goods to wherever you are staying in Japan.
For example: your friend's house or company office.
    Choice2. Post office in the airport  
    You can also receive your device at Post office in Airport such as Narita, Kansai, and Chubu Airport.
At no other airports are available.Business hours are as blow.
 Narita Airport Terminal 1 Daily 8:30-20:00
 Narita Airport Terminai 2 Daily 8:30-20:00
 Kansai Airport Daily 9:00-17:00
 Chubu Centrair Airport Weekday 9:00-17:00

In case of the flight delay, there is a possibility that you can't pick up your ordered stuffs.
If your flight is supposed to arrive less than 2hours prior to close time of the post office, we highly recommend you to receive your ordered stuff at your hotel or where you stay.
Please be noticed that you will take all the responsibility that you couldn't get your ordered goods due to late arrival.
(In that case, we will arrange to transfer it to where you are staying, it is going to take one or more days and additional transport charge)No refund for the lost days.

Step5: Enjoy Wi-Fi access!

When you receive your Mobile WiFi device or SIM, you can be stay connected in anywhere.
Mobile Wi-Fi router:
Just select signal (SSID), and enter pass code, which are written on your device and instructions.
Prepaid SIM:
Set APP. Instrunction paper "How to set APP" will be provided with SIM.

Step6: Put everything in the provided envelope
(No need to return for Prepaid SIM)

Send the device back in a prepaid return envelope before you enter the security check in airport.
Any additional shipping or service charges or credits will be completed upon product return. In the case for the lost of envelope, you need to send the items back to our delivery center in the post office.

If you lost mail bag, please send your Mobile Wi-Fi router to following address: Delivery Center
DUPLEX Ginza Tower 701, 8-14-9 Ginza,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, JAPAN


Step7: Drop into a Post Box
Untill noon(12:00) of the next day that your rental term ends, please drop the prepaid envelope in post boxes.
Or just ask your hotel staff to do so.
There are also post boxes in the airports blow.
Please ask detail location at airport information center.

Narita Airport Terminal 1      Shin-chitose Airport
Narita Airport Terminai 2 Sendai Airport
Haneda Airport International Terminal Niigata Airport
Kansai Airport Fukuoka Airport
Chubu Centrair Airport Okinawa-Naha airport
For searching the location of post boxes, use this site (Japanese only)
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